Did I tell you about my recent trip in which I went to the Las Vegas? My cousin did insist me to come there and spent some quality time with him. Here I must tell you he is a very big gambler. Most of time and money he spent on the casinos and gambling. His mobile phone was full with these downloaded applications.

I had lots of fun there and I uploaded the many pics on the Instagram. My friends and family really liked these photographs. Along with these on January 10th a rock band was coming there to release its song album. The concert was awesome and best, this was the first time ever I attended the live concert. The tracks and the lyrics of the songs were tremendous. After the show I purchased few the songs CDs for my friends and family. I really enjoyed that night.

Next day we planned to go some casinos because that was weekend day and as I mentioned he was addicted from these betting and all stuff. I never went there before; it was my first time so I was very excited to go. Actually the reason was I heard a lot about this place that I can make money by this. As you all know Las Vegas is famous for all these.

So in the evening we went there, the name of that one was roxy palace. When I entered inside, it was full of the crowd. I saw many betting tables, slot machines with music videos. First one which I tried was “get rocked “. It was a video pokie and I felt very interesting. The best thing about it was the graphics and the theme. First round was easy but I found some difficulties in the second one. So I pulled out my cell phone and searched some basic tips and tutorial on the youtube about that one.

Overall it was a great experience with the pokies. I gladly recommend to all my readers that atleast should try this one. To take a vibrant and wonderful experience it will be a better way. Well there are many ways to win handsome amount with this. My first experience with these is unforgettable.

For the beginners I must suggest first play with dummies after that go with the real money. This will definitely give you best experience. So play now!