Played Major Millions Online Pokies with geek neighbours

It was Friday night and I was homesick, my computer got corrupted and there was nothing good on tv as well and it was raining outside. In short I have nothing to do at home. Then I came to remember about some college guys living right next to my flat. I never really talked to them before. And I thought may be today is the day.

There were two of them, basically geeks. They were doing PhD in physics and chemistry, and I came to know about this that day. Actually they were not really the geek geeks; they were quite amazing at the same time, or I can say genius. Because they were in to these some very cool habits like playing high end gaming, cool science projects and gambling too.

At that time when I got there, they were actually playing slot on their mobile phones, I asked one of them to install the game that they were playing. Then he installed the major millions pokies app in my phone too, he stated me all the rules and everything and I started to play with the free spins at first. It is a five-reel, 15-coin game with 15 paylines online pokie where you can wager till 300 coins maximum. Since it is a progressive slot and made by the very well-known company called microgaming. He told me about these games that if a game comes to your mind and if it’s made by microgaming then you can rely on it. It won’t disappoint you. It has a wild symbol that can be substituted with other symbols for the winning combinations and the very best thing about it that that scatter symbols will also help you if you land 3 or more anywhere on the reels, you are going to win eventually.

Mash-up with the world of Get Rocked

Did I tell you about my recent trip in which I went to the Las Vegas? My cousin did insist me to come there and spent some quality time with him. Here I must tell you he is a very big gambler. Most of time and money he spent on the casinos and gambling. His mobile phone was full with these downloaded applications.

I had lots of fun there and I uploaded the many pics on the Instagram. My friends and family really liked these photographs. Along with these on January 10th a rock band was coming there to release its song album. The concert was awesome and best, this was the first time ever I attended the live concert. The tracks and the lyrics of the songs were tremendous. After the show I purchased few the songs CDs for my friends and family. I really enjoyed that night.

Next day we planned to go some casinos because that was weekend day and as I mentioned he was addicted from these betting and all stuff. I never went there before; it was my first time so I was very excited to go. Actually the reason was I heard a lot about this place that I can make money by this. As you all know Las Vegas is famous for all these.

So in the evening we went there, the name of that one was roxy palace. When I entered inside, it was full of the crowd. I saw many betting tables, slot machines with music videos. First one which I tried was “get rocked “. It was a video pokie and I felt very interesting. The best thing about it was the graphics and the theme. First round was easy but I found some difficulties in the second one. So I pulled out my cell phone and searched some basic tips and tutorial on the youtube about that one.

Overall it was a great experience with the pokies. I gladly recommend to all my readers that atleast should try this one. To take a vibrant and wonderful experience it will be a better way. Well there are many ways to win handsome amount with this. My first experience with these is unforgettable.

For the beginners I must suggest first play with dummies after that go with the real money. This will definitely give you best experience. So play now!

This is my favourite online aussie slot where I spent lots of time

My post is about my favorite fruit machine named “Floridita Fandango”. I am writing this because I could not stop to share my experience and views and thoughts related with this one.

Basically this one is based on the Microgaming. Before 2-3 years I watched a movie fandango and that was pretty good. So I can play this one anywhere even at home, at office too. The best part about this one is my little brother john also likes its cute graphics. It includes many symbols and icons like cherries, some bar glasses with some candies and oranges.

When I started playing Australian pokies, they provided me demo for free, with no registration. When you will play with demo machine you will get to know about the process and the approaches what you will need to play it with real money.

There are only three simple steps will need to start it. First you need to download the casino software from the internet. This software’s are 100 percent safe and secure for your pc or mobile. After that in the second step you need to sign up or register with it. In the last you will need to deposit some credit to the account to play it but most of gaming website gives first time bonus or welcome amount.

Generally I prefer to play online because I can play it anytime. No need to worry about the timing or place. So this is the best part about the video slots or other one. I hope this article will help you to find out the best ways to play and win more and handsome amount. So start playing with fun and excitement.

Casino Mate – a review of an aussie casino online

If you are in Australia and did not visit the casinos then your trip is not completed. I was here last here and did a lot of fun and the visited the world class pubs and did betting there. You will find a number of options to bet on and wide variety of reels and pay lines. This one is famous up to that extent that you will find the display being flashed at each corners of the street.

If you did not visit these all then don’t worry, here comes the world of online pokies where you will get a number of option and suggestions to go on with. I chose casino mate which is really wonderful and its review will force you to make the download. You can try this app on your android phone and even on your iPad without any difficulties. You will be stunned by the graphics and the designs of the game as you will get the icons of your favourite characters of some cartoons. The bonus and credits is very typical from any other which you would have tried somewhere else.

The typical feature of this one is that it provides you two different reels which are three and five reels which are very good to go. Before trying to go through any game I always use to go on instant play which will give you the brief idea of the slots. You will also get the option of the catalogue of the prizes whichever you want to grab after winning the free spins. The difference in the rules may be seen easily from region to region as it decided upon the publicity of the play. Technology has helped a lot in developing many things in the same way the use of technology in this world allowed us to make sign up and login from anywhere we wish to and even you can go for the customer services too to get retention if you have any which may be through email, phones or live chat. It provides a secured and good withdrawal of the winning amount which you would have won during the contest.


Big 5 Pokie Online – Huge wings to fly and to have an awesome time

Last year when I was on the trip to Africa, I really had a tough life there. The only thing which really made me to survive was my android phone through which I usually use to gamble through online. I am very fond of online pokies and try to make my career to become the best. We were in the group of five people and one of them use to do boxing all the day and were in habit of carrying the boxing gloves with him. After sometime I returned back to Australia. One day sitting all alone in my office I visited the site of pokies and the game which I opted to go on with was Big 5 with marvellous feature and amazing quality. I had played and went to many casinos of many countries but the joy and environment which I get here is out the world. It may be said that I am the locator tool of my colony who can tell you about the best option of betting. The game is featured with the symbols of the characters of the big animals which are found in Africa. You will feel as if there is marathon between all them to make you win. The graphics of this one is really refreshing one and will give you the feel that the animals are running near you.

The best thing which I liked about this is that it provides two visions of play; the night vision is really astonishing compared to the normal one. The interface is filled of many wild symbols scattered wildly. The thing which a user has to do is to make a perfect match which would symbolize the personality of the animals. You will find it very funny as the animated symbols of animals are being dressed with the nike shoes and socks. You will get many rewards of your own choice as it gives sporting goods as prizes which compelled me to go on with.

It provides the maximum amount of coins whichever pokies I am known about in the round of jackpot. The thing which you will have to do is match the icons of the big birds with the huge wings which will return you maximum award and sometimes some coupons also which you can use for the free spins.

Awesome Day with My Awesome uncle Playing some Slots

It was summer mid break from my graduation, I was very excited to see my uncle Michael, he was living in Miami. And after so many efforts I somehow managed to meet him. Actually my father didn’t want me to meet him. My uncle is bit of a player, stud, Casanova or what can I say to compliment he is just an awesome and fun loving guy, who does not get tired of having fun and laughter. This is the trait of his personality that has always made me follow him.

That’s why father don’t like me spending time with him, actually I am too good in academics. Which made my father think that my uncle’s company will distract me and will not be good for me. But I know my limits and goals, I think I just enjoy his company and it’s all up to an individual, what he wants and how he sees things. I assured my father that this rendezvous with my uncle will not affect my studies in any form, and then only he permitted me to go.

When I got there, he was as happy to see me as I was to see him. We are actually thinking about the fun and good time we were about to have later. And guess what we really did we literally rocked the Miami. My uncle borrowed a very high end car from his friend and I drive it too and smashed the street of the city, we went to the beach as well. The girls and the sun were perfect that day.

Then later at night we went to a local land based casino and played jackpot express there. It is a three reel pokie with up to five paylines and based on the theme in which a steam train transporting a wagon load of large gold coins to some lucky recipient. I really enjoyed the day, really never had the day like this before, all thanks to my uncle Michael.