It was summer mid break from my graduation, I was very excited to see my uncle Michael, he was living in Miami. And after so many efforts I somehow managed to meet him. Actually my father didn’t want me to meet him. My uncle is bit of a player, stud, Casanova or what can I say to compliment he is just an awesome and fun loving guy, who does not get tired of having fun and laughter. This is the trait of his personality that has always made me follow him.

That’s why father don’t like me spending time with him, actually I am too good in academics. Which made my father think that my uncle’s company will distract me and will not be good for me. But I know my limits and goals, I think I just enjoy his company and it’s all up to an individual, what he wants and how he sees things. I assured my father that this rendezvous with my uncle will not affect my studies in any form, and then only he permitted me to go.

When I got there, he was as happy to see me as I was to see him. We are actually thinking about the fun and good time we were about to have later. And guess what we really did we literally rocked the Miami. My uncle borrowed a very high end car from his friend and I drive it too and smashed the street of the city, we went to the beach as well. The girls and the sun were perfect that day.

Then later at night we went to a local land based casino and played jackpot express there. It is a three reel pokie with up to five paylines and based on the theme in which a steam train transporting a wagon load of large gold coins to some lucky recipient. I really enjoyed the day, really never had the day like this before, all thanks to my uncle Michael.